About us


InfoBIZ is an information support and commercial risk management project dedicated primarily to entrepreneurs and investors, a strategic direction developed by the companies INCASO and INFODEBIT, which offers the possibility to grow businesses through the concept of responsible trade.


InfoBIZ develops the entrepreneurial culture based on the analysis of commercial and financial risks of the business partners, facilitating the increase of sales by using the commodity credit. Partners who know each other, who have financial transparency can benefit from the use of commodity credit to increase sales. As deferred sales (use of the commodity credit) involve a certain level of financial risk (the risk that the delivered goods will not be paid on the agreed terms), the seller has a clear need to know his partner and how economically and financially stable it is. If you know who your partner is, it is easier to find convenient solutions to develop lasting business relationships.


InfoBIZ provides access to economic and financial information of Moldovan companies: declared financial reports, analysis of economic and financial indicators, Business Scoring, data from government registers on the organization of the company, real estate assets and transport held, debts to the public budget and other relevant information. All this information allows entrepreneurs to make calculated decisions when providing commodity credits or commercial advance payments to business partners.


It is well known how carefully a company is analyzed when applying for a bank loan, so that the institution providing the loan minimizes the risk of default of the debtor. But do companies have enough tools to make such decisions? Now - yes. InfoBIZ contains all the information necessary to understand this risk of non-payment in a simple and accessible way. With InfoBIZ, any company has access to efficient financial analysis tools, tools that allow to grow its business through responsible trade.


INCASO –the partner of InfoBIZ that provides solutions for managing trade receivables resulting from commodity credits, from securing receivables to their full recovery.


INFODEBIT – the partner of InfoBIZ that provides access to primary data about companies, contained in government registers, as well as access to credit histories.