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We believe that everyone should understand the financial side of a business, and we also believe that by facilitating access to data and company valuation tools, we help to develop the financial intelligence of private sector managers and help them become more efficient in business.

On the InfoBIZ platform you will find all the information and tools you need to run your business better, to improve performance, but also for more confidence in decision-making and greater success in the marketplace: 

Business Scoring InfoBIZ

Business Scoring provides a snapshot of a company's financial performance and the risks and opportunities it presents. It can be used to assess a company's potential to raise finance, obtain credit and attract investors, as well as to assess a company's solvency and financial stability. Business Scoring can also be used to provide clues to the management team to improve the company's financial performance. The score is calculated using mathematical and statistical formulae and is the result of a detailed analysis of the company based on several indicators in the Financial Report;

Public Service Agency

Checking a company is necessary to make sure that it is operating legally. One of the easiest ways to verify the company you are interested in is through the InfoBIZ platform. Our database is systematically updated with official information from the PHA registers, such as: general data about the legal entity; address and contact details; administrator/founder data; data about business reorganisation; data about licensed and unlicensed activities; data about arrears to the state budget; data about owned means of transport; data about owned real estate;

List of IBAN codes

The list of a company's IBAN codes is necessary to make secure payments. The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a unique bank identification code used for money transfers between accounts. To ensure a fast and secure payment process, InfoBIZ provides you with all IBAN accounts held by your company;

UNEJ Report (National Union of Judicial Officers)

Enforcement is a procedure whereby bailiffs carry out the obligations laid down for debtors by enforceable titles, when a natural or legal person has failed or refused to carry them out. The existence of an enforceable title may indicate that a company is experiencing difficulties in managing its operations, which may affect its ability to meet its financial commitments.

The UNEJ reports contain complete information on a company's enforcement titles, such as: name and surname of the enforcer, date of commencement, classification of the procedure, status of the case, type of obligation, unique registration number, manual number of the procedure, procedure number transferred, procedure taken over, date of issue of the enforceable document, date of entry into force, issuer of the enforceable document, classification of the enforcement procedure, form of the obligation, description of the obligation, debtor natural/legal/non-resident person, etc;

Company tree

The company tree is an InfoBIZ service, created specifically to simplify the verification of the links of the founders and/or directors of a company with other businesses (third parties). The information is displayed in the form of a graphical tree and can help to understand the links, the motivations of top management and the strategies they have used for business development;

Financial reports 

One of our objectives is to facilitate access to data and help users to understand financial information more easily, out of a desire to support the concept of responsible commerce which involves, among other things, taking responsible business risk decisions. This gives companies the opportunity to adapt more quickly to market changes by trying new sales strategies that can provide competitive advantages and long-term gains.

In InfoBIZ's financial reports you will find all the key elements that will help you make wiser, more informed choices: company balance sheet; profit and loss statement; statement of changes in equity; cash flow statement; general data and State Tax Service information notes; analysis of financial indicators, etc;

Credit history of the company

The purpose of InfoBIZ is to make financial information useful for future business partners, suppliers, creditors, customers and others who make decisions based on assessing the payment behaviour of a legal entity. A company's credit history report includes data on present and historical financial commitments, their payment discipline, cumulative data from other public and private databases.


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