795 mdl

No contract required

  • Financial Report400 MDL
  • Business Scoring InfoBIZ150 MDL
  • Data - Public Services Agency100 MDL
  • IBAN Code List25 MDL
  • Report UNEJ120 MDL


150 mdl

2 - 3 checks monthly

  • Financial Report120 MDL
  • Business Scoring InfoBIZ80 MDL
  • Data - Public Services Agency40 MDL
  • IBAN Code List10 MDL
  • Company tree30 MDL
  • Credit Report200 MDL
  • Report UNEJ50 MDL


1500 mdl

Up to 10 checks monthly

  • Financial Report60 MDL
  • Business Scoring InfoBIZ55 MDL
  • Data - Public Services Agency30 MDL
  • IBAN Code List5 MDL
  • Company tree25 MDL
  • Credit Report150 MDL
  • Report UNEJ30 MDL

SMART 2024

2500 mdl

Over 10 checks per month

  • Financial Report40 MDL
  • Business Scoring InfoBIZ30 MDL
  • Data - Public Services Agency25 MDL
  • IBAN Code List5 MDL
  • Company tree20 MDL
  • Credit Report120 MDL
  • Report UNEJ20 MDL

Services description

  • The financial report of a company includes the financial balance sheet of the company that has been submitted to the National Bureau of Statistics
  • A company's Business Scoring InfoBIZ gives an overview of the company's financial performance as well as the risk zone it is in.
  • Data-Public Service Agency includes official information from PHA records, such as: data on arrears to the state budget; general data; address and contact details; director/founder data; data on business reorganization; data on licensed and unlicensed activities; data on real estate owned; data on transportation owned;
  • A company's IBAN code list includes current and historical IBAN codes.
  • The company tree shows a company's founders' and/or directors' links to other businesses.
  • A company's Credit Report includes data on current and historical financial commitments, payment discipline, cumulative data from other public and private databases.
  • A company's UNEJ (National Union of Enforcement Officers) report contains complete information on enforceable titles.